Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hello, boys (and girls)! I'm back!

If you can name the movie from which the title of this post--minus the part in parentheses, that's why it's in parentheses and not to be diminutive of my female readership--comes, then you've watched a good movie which is a good enough reward in and of itself. Fitting, though, that I totally coincidentally chose that movie to pick a line from on this particular weekend (and if you've seen the movie and that hint doesn't give it away, shame on you).

Anyway, yes, it's true, members of the blogosphere. I am in fact posting once again. Please, contain your excitement. I'm not sure it will ever again be a regular occurrence for me to post on my blog. I was never all that into it in the first place. We'll see what happens, though. I guess it's not fair for me to read the blog posts of others and not post my own so that they too can get some measure of pleasure, though I'm sure it is pretty small in the case of reading my posts.

My recent hiatus has been due to the fact that, minus my job, pretty much everything of consequence in my life recently I've already posted about. I didn't think you wanted to read another rave about Brandon Sanderson, as good as he is (and, if you haven't read any of his books yet but you are reading this blog post right now, I order you to stop, turn off your computer, acquire a copy of some work authored by him, and read that instead; it'll be a much better use of your time). I actually thought about posting last week after Sean Kang's farewell, but a tribute to Sean Kang, as amazing and wonderful as he is, wasn't necessary like it was for Shane and Nick and would basically be comprised of the same things I said about them.

Of course, there is my job, but there really isn't a whole lot to say about it. I sit around all day answering people's questions, so it feels a lot like high school except that it's all the same subject, the people who ask the questions aren't my friends, and a lot of them are angrier about it than my friends in high school. There is, however, the occasional Australian or funny older lady that makes the job enjoyable for a time. I'm very, very grateful to have a job, it's just not that exciting to talk or write about.

I guess what really has been the object of my thoughts lately has been the changing of the guard, so to speak, going on in my life. With the egress of Elder Kang into the MTC, most of my best friends from high school that have Y chromosomes are out on missions. An interesting effect of living in Provo is that a lot of your friends from high school go on to BYU, so you get to see them pretty regularly. It meant that there wasn't a major shift in the people I spent time with between high school and my freshman year in college. I was still close to many of the same people. Now, however, all the guys are going on missions. Another interesting effect of living in Provo is that pretty much all the guys leave on missions for two years. Being a year younger than most of my classmates, they've all left a year or so before I will. Basically, that means my group of male friends has shifted to the class immediately younger than me (that means you, '11ers). This is not a bad thing, as there are many fine men (read "studs") in that class. It was just something that was made apparent to me last week at Sean's farewell and, I'm embarrassed to admit, that I initially reacted poorly to. Since then I've had some time to think, however, and I am excited by the prospect. As superior as my friends I've bid farewell to over the last few months are, these guys I find myself associating more and more with are spectacular in and of themselves, and it's gonna be great to get to know them better.

I've also reflected quite a bit on where I am this year compared to where I was last year. Who I am today is not the same as I was last year on July 3rd. It's been a good year, and the next few look to have even more in store. Another year of college, two years on a mission, the rest of college, graduate school. I'm starting to get really excited, as daunting as it seems.

Yes, sir, the outlook for David Sorensen over the next year does not look bad at all. I look forward to experiencing it with you.