Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's a rant. It doesn't have to be completely coherent

To those of you who, for whatever reason, are currently reading this: I am sorry. I didn't mean to become one of those people who created a blog. I just don't think anyone cares what I have to say, and if they do, they probably have already heard it. However, I have been wanting an outlet for some of my thoughts, and when Dania Frandsen requested (that's right, she didn't just ask, she requested, almost commanded, really) I get a blog, I figured it would work as well as anything.

As the name suggests, this will consist of my rants and raves, which are many in number, and occasionally I may discuss something of actual value. I will not be taking the time to make this look pretty. I don't care if it is aesthetically pleasing. I don't care if the topics are offensive to you. I'm not doing this to make friends. I am doing this because a girl asked me too. Yes, even I, the great David Sorensen, am not as iron-willed as I'd like to be when faced with a female. To all those of you who tried to get me to go to Junior Prom: take note. You bombarded me, but hardly ever was it simply a girl asking me to ask someone to prom. Your arguments consisted mainly of logical appeals, with some very weak emotional appeals thrown in here and there. But you hardly ever considered your ethos. I probably wouldn't have been swayed had  some girl come up to me and simply asked me to ask to prom, but it's worth thinking about. You see, you made the faulty assumption that I am a rational being. I am not rational. No human being on the face of the planet is. We all do things for irrational reasons. But it is that very irrationality that makes us human. It is an irrational being that jumps on a grenade to save a buddy's life. It is an irrational being that falls in love and prizes someone else's happiness more than their own. As much as I strive for rationality in my own behaviors, I recognize that without irrationality life is pointless. If we were rational beings, we would not need to think, because the rational thing to do is apparent and obvious. But we are not rational, so we do think, and thinking gives purpose to life.

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  1. Wow. David. I admire you for making a blog. Nice going out of your comfort zone!